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Track Name: dPress - TEN.55
Verse One

Off the bat got no problem with authority
As long as you go about your job accordingly
But How dare you try to snatch up the peoples voice
This is the last straw we will make some noise we
The people of the streets that breathe the air that
You seem to pollute with greed
Solute to the streets
Solute to the D
For holding it all in but its time we speak
I fell victim to the system
Labled an outcast and no one wanted to listen
Outdated books Teachers with jaded looks bored with attempting to teach
And kids go about life misunderstood
An that's fine as long as they profit
And you stay sleep dont dare speak to your conscious
An that's fine as long as they profit
And you stay sleep dont dare speak to your conscious


Circle up Circle up and speak
Circle up Circle up and speak
Circle up Circle up and speak
I said its bout time that we cypher

Circle up Circle up and speak
Circle up Circle up and speak
Circle up Circle up and speak
I said its bout time that we cypher

Verse Two

Your educations the last thing on their mind
When they look at you all they see is mad dollar signs
Thats the main reason why these schools are gettin privatized
At least thats how i came to see it through my eyes
Speak dont think your voice wont travel far
Dont let them keep you shook like crooks behind bars
Speak souly cus you have the right
We need to see this is our fight our fight
Rent a cops can get away with brutality
Yet i say one bad word an you stay mad at me?
I wont lie sometimes i wanna call it quits
Pain an hate keeps my mind enslaved but wait
I been through all kinds of other shit before
So i oughta be able to withstand some more
Thats word to G.U.R.U R.I.P
Its time we circle up and speak let me hear your Robin Hood Theory
released 27 April 2012
Lyrics by dPress
Track Name: row,sknoxx,dpress - DEEP COVER! (Session #001)
its 187 on your privacy now
automatic driver seat, information out
deep cover, puncture your heart, big lover
smothered, quickly jolt, lighting bolt, thunder

knowledge equals power, multiplied by the dollar
divided up into hours, I'm racing up a tower -->
_ SUCCESS were our heads must rest
striving up the top, YES! rat race maybe?

ugly face baby talking on the TV crazy
(CRACK) flash back to the nineteen - EIGHTIES
(CRACK) Reagonomics made grabage pail kids toxic
now im talking bout the aftermath so be cautious

(YUK!) facebook made me vomit
sick off the data profile pic the hottest
like it or not or drop alotta comments,
They shooting at me, I'ma need a lotta deep cover
Track Name: Día de los índígenas (reclaímíng 1492) prod.sK
Sacramento Knoxx (c.Yepez)

_____Escuchas (listen)_____
Straight Murder, cannon balls will shoot you
3 points pushing at a pace with my goof troop
I colonize from gray skies, poke ya 3rd eye
Here's an iced out chain for human kind
1492 to two thousand eleven
same rude weapon accompanies, bad men let them
I bounce back & side step them
We been beefed out since we first met them

dPress (e.Gonzalez)

they said they were gonna help that were all friends/
but all i see is hell an it never ends/
no one else seems to witness this/
there probably listening in while i spit this/
kuz they don't want you to hear the truth/
they'll brain wash anyone that they chose/
at first they came down an they were glorified/
heat rays they'll melt a 9/
ahhh they saved our lives/
peace around the world no more guns an knifes/
they came down an found the cure for cancer/
who would a thought alien blood was the answer/
human population at an all time high/
healthy as hell an we don't die/
just like man to hand out trust/
an to hide our hands when shit gets tough/
now they got slaves til the end of time/
an control the only lethal weapon needed...the mind

Propha-C (r.Mendez)

I must be outta my mind Im seeing things not in my time
They approach in big ships that float,
Swallow down my throat my saliva makes me choke.
“Cough Cough” Whats That Smell?
Like body odor mixed with a hint of hell,
Dead Bodies in jails, Resembles the smell,
Well, We all gather near the shore to get a glimpse,
All of a sudden I get a sense & my muscles become tense,
I hear a voice say “Im here for you”,
“Your imagination cant come close to preparing you”
We here to take everything you consist of,
Cultures, Teachings, Everything in that rich blood
He told me in a whisper,
“My name is Christopher,
But they call me Mister Columbus”

Sacramento Knoxx (c.Yepez)

Got ya brain washed to glorify an alien
humanitarian efforts get laid off quick
Adolf Hit----Ler they similar
honoring a murderer I'm getting off from work
Imagine an alien fleet speak heat
we speak greed and they smelling a defeat
the earth turns pitch black, hit the light switch
Christopher, welcome to the New World Order
released 10 October 2011
produced by sK

written by sK, propha-c, dpress

GFX: Lex Zavala

sacramento knoxx@gmail.com